Not enough Old Bush

This week bloke insisted on being designated driver. He arrived in his chariot with the top down. That’s the car I’m referring to, not the man, although as we’re in the Black Country and the sun is shining, I feel the clarification is justified.

Now this wench is made of strong stuff, so the fact that driving up and down Black Country bonks made it a little windy was no problem. I merely brushed the hair out of my eyes and mouth, and wrapped my scarf around my head, channelling my inner Audrey Hepburn. Wench 2 and chap are definitely more delicate creatures and being trapped in the wind tunnel otherwise known as the back seat was not much fun. Not much fun for them. I found it hilarious, although one death stare from wench 2 put paid to that and we were all pretty relieved to reach the top of one particular bonk and pull in at The Bell and Bear Inn, Rowley Regis.

Bell and Bear Inn Bell and Bear Inn

Imagine living in one of those houses next to the pub. Not far to stagger home eh? As we ordered our beer, Ginger (Enville) for this wench and bloke, HPA (Wye Valley) for chap and Butty Bach (Wye Valley) for wench 2, we were enticed by the gorgeous smells coming from the kitchen. On this early Saturday evening the pub was packed with people enjoying fine grub and judging by those smells I can understand why. With nowhere to perch or stand, we decided to head outside and that was where the real surprise lay in store. A pub with a terrace, huge beer garden and what a view.

Bell and Bear Inn terraceBell and Bear Inn terrace

Bell and Bear Inn gardenBell and Bear Inn garden

Bell and Bear Inn garden

Like these two Black Country mons, we enjoyed watching the sun set over our bostin Black Country.

I think we could have stayed at the Bell and Bear all evening, but it was time to explore further and I was rather excited for our next stop. Wench 2 was insistent that bloke put his top up (again I’m talking about the car) and he rather sensibly decided to do as she asked (demanded).

We made our way to The Old Bush Revived which I’d been wanting to revisit for a while to check out the figurines. I have a soft spot for a bit of pub figurine action and I’d heard The Old Bush wouldn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, this trip was a bit of a disappointment. Not because of the pub itself, but it was far too busy to check out the decor so clutching our pints of Sunbeam (Banks’s) we continued our sunset watching in the ‘small but perfectly formed’ beer garden outside.

Old Bush Revived

Old Bush Revived Old Bush Revived

It’s definitely not a bad thing to see a local pub so busy (after all we need to use them or lose them), but I’ll have to return to check out more Old Bush so I can spot one or two of these notable figurines!

Onto another Black Country bonk and another great pub, The Waterfall, a Holden’s Brewery pub.

The Waterfall The Waterfall

The Waterfall The Waterfall

The Waterfall has a sign promising ‘a beer festival every day’ which is quite something to live up to. Full of huge expectations, this lovely traditional pub certainly did not disappoint with a great selection of ale, and some eye candy for this wench in the form of floorboards and tankards on the ceiling and other such pub finery.

The Waterfall bar The Waterfall ceiling

We enjoyed Quintessential (Derby), Dark Ruby Mild (Sarah Hughes) and ‘Ay It (Holden’s). There was a lovely, relaxed feel in this wonderful pub. Just look how relaxed wench 2 is, even after that windy start in bloke’s chariot.

The Waterfall The Waterfall wench 2

The Waterfall, I’ll definitely be back, especially if you’re still promising ‘a beer festival every day’.

The Waterfall

It was only fair that we headed back close to home so bloke could enjoy a pint or two in his local, The Royal Exchange. To celebrate we threw ourselves into a Black Country nightcap: Batham’s and scratchings. What more could you want? I was only disappointed with the lack of old bush, but there’s always another night.


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  1. Jackie trevis

    Lovely to read this,my blokes uncle used to run the bell and bear in the late 1930s.vince trevis ,I have been looking for some info on his pub for quite a while.eill definitely said lad as he turns 70 this year and has never seen it


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