The most fun I’ve had in a Blackheath industrial unit since…

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 59 41

Saturday came and so did the rain.

As we scrambled for cover,

t’was a bit black over house of Bill’s mother.

To Blackheath we did head,

to be watered and fed.

Fine ale we did find,

and a welcome so kind.

And just a little,

of some bostin fittle.

Soon we had to depart,

but what warms our heart.

Is our deal,

to rush back to Fixed Wheel.

Who would have thought that a Blackheath industrial estate would elicit such a poetic response? A new love for this wench.

Fixed Wheel Brewery and I have flirted for a while as I’ve been sampling their very fine ale at our Black Country pubs and beer festivals, but I’m embarrassed to say this was my first visit to ‘where the magic happens’.

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 30 42

When you head through the door you spy the references to cycling straight away, although we were more interested in those t-shirts. One or two of those may end up in someone’s Christmas stocking.

There’s a small, but perfectly formed bar area and, as if the thought of all that fine Fixed Wheel ale wasn’t enough to get excited about, the Fixed Wheel family were also providing cheese and crackers. They certainly know the way to this wench’s heart.

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 29 14

We found a spot on one of the handily provided benches and supped on the excellent Blackheath Stout and Chain Reaction (Fixed Wheel of course!).

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 32 46

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 33 00

Never has a Blackheath industrial unit filled me with such joy. In fact it’s the most fun I’ve had in a Blackheath industrial unit since….well that’s another story!

Jokes aside it’s a fantastic little place and it’s producing some of the greatest Black Country ale (in my humble opinion). The Fixed Wheel family are welcoming us into their brewing home so make sure you pop along when they next open the doors. Support our bostin Black Country ale!

You won’t regret it. Just make sure you get along before the wench has been let loose on that cheese!

If you’re already in the Christmas spirit, don your best Christmas jumper and head to their Christmas Party. If you’re still ‘bah humbug’ then go along anyway. The ale will cheer you up!

Please remember,

Saturday 5 December.

You too have a chance,

for brewery romance.

However you feel,

there’s always time for Fixed Wheel.

Photo 28-11-2015, 15 38 29

Fixed Wheel. It’s bloody bostin. It certainly ain’t broke, so don’t fix it!

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