At the Old Bank for a quick withdrawal

Yesterday’s sunny Stourbridge shopping expedition started well, with much needed sustenance in the form of a full English breakfast from Grey’s Coffee Bistro Lounge.

Photo 06-08-2016, 13 07 01

The shopping, however, was merely a ruse. An opportunity to visit the Old Bank for a quick withdrawal.

Photo 06-08-2016, 15 01 24

I’ve long been hoping that someone would do something interesting with this beautiful old building right in the town centre, and as if that someone was listening to me, they went and opened a pub. Marvellous!

The Old Bank opened on Wednesday 3 August and I’d heard it’s been fairly busy ever since. Couldn’t wait to get a look in. Nervous anticipation, hoping that the new owners would have retained the character of the place.

I didn’t have to worry. It’s just lovely. Feast your eyes on that stunning bar!

Photo 06-08-2016, 15 01 04

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 32 21


Photo 06-08-2016, 14 31 02

Out of the beers on offer yesterday we chose Lemon Dream (Salopian). There was very friendly service and lots of it so you didn’t have to wait at all to get served. Always a bonus.

We took a pew (literally) by the door to watch the world go by. It was comfortably busy and there were also lots of interested shoppers sticking their nose around the door to take a look. Some came for a beer, some just peered.

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 33 51

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 34 31

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 48 23

It’s definitely a beautiful pub with lovely features.

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 42 41

There’s lots of space around the seating areas to stand and the high ceiling gives a great feeling of space. As it’s quite a stark interior, it’s quite noisy when fuller, but the beautiful building is worth it. The owners have done a cracking job.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Old Bank develop and having a new drinking establishment to squander my hard-earned pennies in. I think there may be more deposits than withdrawals.

If you’re thinking of breaking into the safe you may need to bring your stepladders (did you spot the safe?).

Photo 06-08-2016, 14 59 43


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