A little plea from me…to you

In every way I can I try to support local Black Country businesses.

I recognise that it’s not always easy or possible and in trying to save pennies (as we all must) we sometimes need to buy where the price is right, regardless of where that business is based. But where I can I’ll buy from small, local, independent businesses based in the place I love. I like the idea that I’m helping (in a very small way) a Black Country family’s fortunes, and in turn our own, because a thriving local economy is good for everyone.

It’s no surprise to anyone who follows my yampy nonsense here or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, that I’m quite passionate about Black Country heritage, pubs and beer. Putting aside the heritage and pubs for a moment (if I must) I’m immensely proud of the beer that our local breweries produce. There are a number of local breweries that are consistently brewing excellent beer. You know who you are so I’m not going to list you all, but needless to say, thanks!

I want to draw your attention to something one of these excellent breweries has got going on and ask you, very nicely, if you will consider supporting them.

The Fownes Brewing Company – Crowdfunding

The Fownes Brewing Co was founded in 2012 by brothers James and Thomas Fownes, and it is located at the Jolly Crispin, a 200 year old free house in Gornal. Fownes produce excellent beer and want to grow their bottled ale business. This will help them be sustainable and spread the love for their Dwarfen Ales far and wide.

Not only is this bostin news for us – I’m already writing my order – but imagine how great it would be to know you’ve helped nurture and grow a small, family-owned, Black Country business. Yeah that warm, fuzzy feeling babs!

So, I put my money where my mouth is and supported them. With options from £10 and perks on offer (as well as that warm and fuzzy feeling) it’s a great thing to do.

They’ve still got a way to go to their target but every little helps (as someone, somewhere once said) so please consider supporting them. It would make this wench very happy. And a happy wench….well she’s far less trouble! Ask those Black Country mon.

Please share with friends and fellow beer lovers and let’s help them smash their £5k target! You can access the crowdfunding page here.

As you can see I love Fownes so much I bless each bottle I receive with a kiss from my own lips and that was even before their fancy new branding and bottles!

Photo 23-12-2016, 21 08 26


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A proud Black Country Wench, likely to talk about pubs, beer, scratchings and whisky. Oh and the Black Country.

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