Recipe: Black Country stout and chocolate hobnob ice-cream

I created this ice-cream for my lovely stepdad who is the best father a wench could ask for. He works tirelessly for me. He’s helping renovate my house, he services my car, fixes anything that’s broken and I’ll never forget all those times – many years ago – he rang my Saturday job when I was too hungover to go in after a night at Dudley JBs. I continue to be able to twist him around my little finger.

For all this love and hard work he asks for nothing, but I do try to repay him in all the things my mom tries to ration – usually biscuits, chocolate, beer, wine and whisky.

I took him to Fixed Wheel brewery last year and he loved the place and the beer. He also loves chocolate hobnobs, and is known on days out or holidays for taking a long time to get stuff out the car boot (because that’s where the biscuits are). He is still hoping that a biscuit manufacturer will devise a packet that doesn’t rustle.

I also called this ‘Stepdaddy’s afternoon tea ice-cream’.

He enjoyed it.


  • Double cream – one 600ml pot
  • Sweetened condensed milk – half of 397ml can
  • Vanilla extract – one teaspoon
  • Black Country stout – one third of a cup or to taste
  • Chocolate hobnobs – half to two thirds of a pack or to taste (I made it quite biscuity)

Obviously you can choose your favourite Black Country beer and biscuits. 


This is so simple it’s embarrassing. Put the cream, condensed milk and vanilla into a bowl and beat with an electric whisk until quite thick and stiff. You’re aiming for it to be like clotted cream. I couldn’t find my electric whisk so I did it by hand. It’s hard work but it worked.

Stir in the beer. I started with one third of a cup but added a bit more, tasting as I went along to check. I wanted the beer taste to really come through.

Crush up the biscuits and stir in. I kept some pieces quite big as I like it to be a bit rough and ready. I think I added between a half and two thirds of a packet.

When it’s ready transfer it to an empty ice cream container and leave in the freezer until frozen. I left it overnight.



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