Black Country Pub is my journey through my beloved Black Country, pub-by-pub, pint-by-pint.

As a babby wench, I was taken to The Stump in Sedgley by my grandparents for a glass of something fizzy, and a cheese and onion cob, mischievously listening to all that grown-up nattering on.

As a young wench, I squandered my A-Levels and dragged myself through College, all whilst falling in love with many a Black Country pub, ale and boy. Away at University the clubs and bars were never quite the same, and I’d long for those pubs, beers and boys, returning when I could (Brum is quite far you know).

As an ooman, I lived away for a while, but now, older and certainly no wiser, I’ve returned to continue my journey and fall in love with more pubs, beers and maybe…

…one thing is for certain, my love affair with the Black Country will never die.

Some things I would like to mention:

  • I write this little blog as ‘the wench’, which if you’re not familiar with the term means Black Country girl or woman
  • The Black Country is the area in the West Midlands, UK, roughly north and west of Birmingham and includes the Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton – learn more on Wikipedia
  • There’s often debate about where the boundaries of the Black Country lie, but I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist about this – you can always let me know if you think I’ve got it wrong
  • I’m absolutely no expert, but I’m enthusiastic and always keen to hear from people who know more than me – please get in touch
  • Linked to the above, I’m definitely not a beer expert – there’s beer I love, beer I like and beer I don’t like – I’m learning a bit more as I go along, but there’s much better beery bloggers than me out there!
  • I’m a keen photographer and like to take pictures and video to document the places I visit. I try not to be intrusive, but sometimes these pictures may include people who are also there at the same time (it’s hard to avoid people sometimes if you’re in a busy place). If you see a photo of yourself on my blog or social media accounts and would prefer it wasn’t there please get in touch and I’ll happily remove it

Lastly, and this is very important! I write with humour (I hope), but I am NEVER laughing AT our wonderful Black Country pubs and people. I’m immensely proud of my working class, Black Country heritage and the diversity of our pubs and people. There are pubs I like better than others for sure, but I support all. Just because a pub isn’t top of my list doesn’t mean you won’t love it. One of the things I love about writing this blog is meeting the characters you don’t necessarily meet elsewhere. I wouldn’t have it any other way babs!

Where else online you can find me:

  • Twitter – I’m the most active here and share links on beer, pubs, the Black Country and other interesting things I find – a share or retweet doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with the content, only that I think others may be interested in it
  • Instagram – I share photos of the places I visit and the beer I drink
  • Untappd – I try to remember to check in my beer and mostly use this to log the beers I experience – you can find me here @blackcountrypub
  • Facebook – I’ve started to use my page a bit more recently and I also have a Kate Wench profile so we can be friends if you so wish (ah ain’t that nice?)

Contact me:

  • If you’ve got any suggestions of pubs to visit or beer to try, have any questions, or any feedback on this little blog please get in touch babs!
  • Details of how (other than through social media) are on the contact page

And finally…some people pop-up on my blog now again. They are:

  • Wench 2 is my best friend and the person who is always in charge
  • Chap is married to wench 2 and is always the best dressed
  • Bloke is our friend and resident expert although he often makes up places that don’t exist
  • Boss bird used to be the official boss and now I just carry her handbag
  • #hottieintheoffice is the man boss bird bought back from the office and he stayed
  • Sir went to university with boss bird and he is rather musical

1 Response

  1. Glyn Millward

    Bostin read and a good loff, well done wench, hope to bump into yow with me dog at the “cat in enville some time. I woz from Tipton but now i live in Stourton……[or is it Stooorrtun as they say `ere, posh aye it, well after Princes end anywheres posh aye it]……..well some poor buggers gorra do it ay they ?


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