Please let me know if I’ve missed any breweries. It’s not intentional.

Brewing in the Black Country

Brewing in Birmingham

Brewing close by


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  1. Sheddyone

    Hello BC Wench.

    A few more breweries to add:

    Angel Ales, Halesowen.
    Fixed Wheel, Shell Corner, Halesowen.
    Green Duck, Stourbridge.
    Pig Iron, Brierley Hill.
    Toll End, Tipton.


  2. is there fluoride in your water? israeli prof toxicology says fluoride being a protoplasmic toxin is used as a rat poison. Beer & babies feeds full of rat poison. find out what councils & PHE don’t want to tell you the councils agreed to this at urging of pHE saying it stops tooth decay.. they lie…it does not….statistics show the fluoridated/non fluoridated areas of he country the non fluoridated areas show less tooth decay. the thing is brewers that are not fluoridated are going to have a large advantage as people are waking up to what being fluoridated really means. Get on to your council to stop water company fluoridating. it is in their hands


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